Our First Learning Maps!

Our school loves Learning Maps and the other day we were very lucky to have Kelly from New Zealand in our room, to teach us all about them. We began by talking about things we had learned and then who helped us learn them. Some people shared their ideas, including learning to swim, ride a bike, and how to kick a football! Kelly wrote our ideas on the whiteboard, and then we went to our tables to have a go at drawing our own. It was a great activity because we couldn’t get anything wrong – it was all about our ideas! Haha!

I liked drawing the people that helped me learn like my sister! – Declan

I liked going back to draw my daddy, because he helps me learn! – Chris

It was a fun activity to draw people that helped me! – Claire

It was good to know who helps me learn. – Josh

After we had a go at our tables, we came down to the mat and shared our ideas with each other. It was good to talk about what we had done, because we learned new people and things to put on our maps from our friends! Afterwards we went back to our tables again to add the new things we discovered! Learning Maps went really well and we’re excited to be doing more soon, and finding out a bit more about how we learn, who helps us, and how!


Here are our photos – take a look!

Patterns Patterns Everywhere!

For maths today we were learning all about patterns – and we found out they were EVERYWHERE! We learned that a pattern is something that happens over and over again, and that they can be anything at all, as long as it repeats itself! First we did an activity on our interactive whiteboard, and then we went outside and found as many patterns in the playground as we could. We saw them in the bricks, the fence, the tiles, and even on the play equipment! At the end of the lesson, Mrs Conway let us go in pairs around our room and make whatever patterns we wanted! Here are some photos of what we did!


Improving our skills in PMP!

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning we have PMP. We get into groups and visit each activity that Miss Craig has very nicely put out for us. There are also many helpers that are there to encourage us and teach us what to do – some are mums and dads, some are grade 5’s or 6’s – we are super lucky to have them! Sometimes you might find us on the basketball court, on the astro turf, in the court yard, or even in the gym! We have so much fun and are improving every day. We remember at the start of the year being so nervous, but now it’s getting so much easier! Check out our photos and what we have been doing!



My favourite activity is basketball! – Indi

I love to practise throwing and catching with the ball and cone activity! – Isaac

I enjoy skipping because it is fun! – Jiya

The  balance beam is my favourite! – Tvisha


Easter Fun!

Easter was a really special time for us in Prep C – and it all kicked off with our Easter Hat Parade! We made some amazing hats at home, and paraded them around the gym for all our special visitors and Grade 6 buddies to see. We had some fun music as well to groove along to, and the teachers even wore Easter hats and bunny ears! Finally, when we went into our classrooms, we discovered that the EASTER BUNNY HAD COME! We had made Easter baskets and he had put an egg inside them! Wow! What a great day!

What a fantastic way to celebrate!


I liked having real Easter Eggs on my hat, and I wanted to eat them! – Jack

I liked looking at the different Easter hats! – Kenny

The best thing was all the decorations! – Juliana

My favourite thing was doing it with our buddies! – Indi

Mr. Kelly our multimedia teacher was also there, and made an awesome EPISODE OF LODGERS – check it out now!