Getting to know STORIES!

You may be thinking – what does EVERY story have in common?

Well, this was the question that introduced our lesson today – and the answer was a BEGINNING, a MIDDLE, and an END!

In an interactive literacy lesson, we learned the three most important elements of a story, which was going to help us with our story writing in the future. We will also be able to use it to start learning the Seven Steps of writing!

It was a great lesson – first we watched Goldilocks and the Three Bears on Sunshine Online, one of our interactive whiteboard programs! It’s a really great place to learn new things and has heaps of games! Then Mrs. Conway broke us up into three groups – a beginning group, a middle group, and an end group. Our job was to talk in our groups about what happened in our part of the story, draw a picture and have a go writing if we felt comfortable. Then we all presented our ideas to the class.

I liked reading the story and learning it! – Isaac

I was in the end group and decided to draw the bears looking at Goldilocks who was running away. I liked the activity because I liked drawing what I thought and not writing. – James




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